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ADDED Wednesday Jul 30th - 2014

Elmira Rd Traffic Concerns:

I recieved a voicemail today from a resident concerns with increase in Elmira Rd traffic. Especially heavy commercial traffic attending Costco, Zehrs or pehaps from the Linimar plants. I have already talked with the resident about me investigating this for her but i'm posting this here for all to see just incase.




Original Email to STAFF:

From: Cam Guthrie
Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2014 12:23 PM
Subject: Elmira Rd Traffic concerns

Hello everyone,

Residents are contacting me upset with the increased traffic on Elmira.
Two issues at play, first the opening of Costco - but secondly, the large commercial trucks using Elmira from Speedvale down to Paisley. My thoughts are that Linamar, Zehrs and Costco, or other commercial heavy vehicles are being forced to take Elmira due to the stretch of Speedvale at Elmira being closed now for construction. Can someone confirm that Elmira is an arterial road for me?
Also, can communication be sent out to the Costco, Zehrs or Linimar to suggest using side rd #32 to Woodlawn and to Paisley to access the Zehrs and Costco area, especially during this time that the Speedvale extension is closed?


RESPONSE from City of Guelph STAFF:

Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2014 04:56 PM
To: Cam Guthrie
Subject: RE: Elmira Rd Traffic concerns
Good evening Councillor Guthrie,

Please see the responses from staff below to your questions:

-    The County has Speedvale Ave, west of Elmira Rd closed for construction.  The road is scheduled to be reopened after Aug 30th.  
o    In reviewing the road network in the area, it is possible trucks are using Elmira Rd as an alternate, taking Elmira Rd to Paisley Rd and proceeding westbound on Paisley Rd to County Rd 32.
-    Elmira Rd is an arterial roadway and therefore trucks are legally permitted to travel on Elmira Rd.  In this case it is not standard practice to issue a letter asking business owners to direct their trucks to other routes.