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ADDED Wednesday Apr 9th - 2014

How Many City Employees Live in Guelph?

Question from Resident, Staff Response and My Opinion Below:


Original Email:

Hello Councillor Guthrie.

I understand that it is a requirement that the CEO, City Councillors and Guelph Mayor must reside or pay property taxes in the City of Guelph.
But are there any such requirements, restrictions or regulations for any other employee of the city of Guelph
as to where they are living or paying property taxes.
Of the 2067 city employees and especially of the 144 employees listed as belonging to the sunshine group,  how many of them do actually live in Guelph or pay property taxes here?
I have lived in Guelph all of my life and paid property taxes for my adult life of over 50 years.   
I am concerned that our tax money is being spent in the correct way to the benefit of the  taxpayers of the city.    
It seems to me that a taxpayer who also worked for the city would have a greater interest in making sure our tax dollars are spent wisely
for the benefit of all, and there would be less tax dollars spent on frivolous and expensive schemes.
Is it possible to have a percentage comparison of the employee’s that live in Guelph
and those that do not live in Guelph or even pay Guelph property taxes?

Thank you,



Response from Staff:

Hello, I understand you have emailed several members of Concil, some of whom have copied me into their responses.

In response to some of your statements  I offer the following:
It is not legally possible to require residency as condition of employment in the vast majority of cases. In some very limited situations, there can be requirements for staff to be able to respond to emergency type situations in a certain time frame, which may dictate where they live.
There is no connection between where someone lives and the amount of effort or commitment given to any employer. There has been considerable research into what constitutes ‘employee engagement’, and while this is influenced by a wide range of factors, none of which are connected to where someone lives.
It would be possible to provide aggregate numbers of employees who live/do not live in Guelph. Privacy legislation would prevent identifying any individual employee.

Mark Amorosi |Executive Director
Corporate and Human Resources
City of Guelph


My Opinion:

I agree with the director. This is a non-issue. I get this question about 2 times a year. If a fire-fighter is bursting into my home to save my family, I'm not going to ask him/her for their address first.