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ADDED Wednesday Jan 29th - 2014

Related Info on HCBP Coming?

Original Request:

"I have been trying for several years to pry out of the City a balance sheet giving the total City investment, the current level of debt, and the yearly totals for expenditure and revenue.  STAFF says it is all in the annual financial statements but if so it is very well hidden. I have suggested that the HCBP be set up as a City enterprise to give transparency to the bookkeeping - it is being considered but only for the distant future.




Hi H,
In regards to the HCBP issue you’ve brought forward to me, I been told the following from STAFF:
“Information on the HCBP is found in our financial statements as well as budget and reserve continuity schedules. Some details the constituent might be looking for, may not be directly related to the Park or are proprietary in nature - e.g. land sale details, developer activities, etc. Lastly, staff will be bringing a report on HCBP (summaries of development and/or related financing) forward this year in anticipation of the re-registration requirement.”
Thank you,