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Councillor - Christine Billings

Tuesday Sep 1st - 2015

A recently released auditor’s report found that none of Susan Watson’s charges against a 2014 council candidate were warranted.


Susan Watson requested an audit claiming that:

  • a $400 corporate donation wasn’t eligible
  • third party advertising should have been reported by the candidate, and this would have resulted in exceeding the contribution limit for the candidate
  • third party advertising exceeded contribution limits

The auditor found that “The Candidate complied with the requirements of the Act with respect to the issues raised by Susan Watson”.


The auditor was required to investigate all aspects of the campaign financing and found several small issues that: had no impact on total contributions; the candidates own contributions should have been higher; expenses were over stated by $1 and there was a $5.60 expense properly recorded but without a receipt.


The cost of the audit is expected to be about $10,000.


The matter will be back before the Compliance Audit Committee September 10, 2015.

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