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Councillor - Christine Billings

Thursday Aug 30th - 2012

Guelph Transit implementing improved service, fare increase
Service updates include new routes, platform locations, and more frequent service.

GUELPH, ON, August 20, 2012 – On September 2, Guelph Transit will implement new route changes to add capacity and improve service to residents, visitors and students.
As part of the Guelph Transit Growth Strategy, providing service to growth areas allows the City to move toward its long-term vision of making transit the preferred transportation choice in Guelph.

Transit changes effective September 2 will include:

•    Extension of Route 5 Gordon from the University Centre to Guelph Central Station. Riders will be able to travel from the south to downtown on one bus.
•    New base Route 16 Southgate serving both residents and businesses in the south end.
•    Minor schedule adjustments to Route 2B.
•    Platform changes at Guelph Central Station and University Centre.
•    New Route 56 Victoria Express.
•    University Express Routes 50, 57, and 58 will increase frequency to 15 minute service.
“These service updates will make riding Guelph Transit more efficient and help riders get to their destinations faster,” said Michael Anders, General Manager, Guelph Transit. “We’re listening and responding to riders’ concerns, and these updated routes will improve service in Guelph’s growing south end.”

Changes to platform locations are based on months of observing transfer patterns in Guelph Central Station and the University Centre.

In addition to platform and route changes, a fare increase will be implemented on September 1 as approved by City Council in January 2012. Tickets and passes will increase by three to four per cent, cash fares will remain at three dollars. Prices for Affordable Bus passes will not change until January 1, 2013.
For more information on Guelph Transit route and platform changes and fare increases, please visit guelphtransit.ca.  
Michael Anders
General Manager
Guelph Transit
Operations, Transit and Emergency Services
T 822-1260 x 2795
E michael.anders@guelph.ca

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Thursday Aug 30th - 2012

City to open new temporary downtown parking lot:

GUELPH, ON, August 21, 2012 – A new temporary parking lot on Wyndham Street in downtown Guelph will open on or about Monday, August 27.
The lot is part of the Baker Street redevelopment site and will be in place until the redevelopment of the land begins.
"We want to take advantage of the land prior to its redevelopment by creating more parking in downtown Guelph," said Anna Marie O'Connell, supervisor, parking facilities and downtown farmers’ market.
City Council will consider financial and purchasing options for the Baker Street redevelopment project in 2013. Plans for the site include a new Guelph Public Library, public parking and significant private development.

The temporary Wyndham Street lot will have 46 spaces. Permit and hourly parking will be available for $75 plus HST per month or $1.75 per hour.

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Thursday Aug 30th - 2012

Please join us on Friday, September 14th from 5:00 – 6:00 pm at Victoria Park East Golf Club (1096 Victoria Road South) to learn more about the plans for a New Main Library in Guelph while enjoying complimentary beverages & appetizers!  The Guelph Public Library along with the generous donation of Meridian are pleased to invite you to a pre-dinner reception with Library Board members and Senior Library Management staff.  If you are golfing, please join us after your game for this meet and mingle.

It’s not too late to reserve your dinner spot for just $35 per person!  Purchase your tickets in advance before September 8th at any library location or through Kirsten Bester at 519-824-6220, x302.  The evening will be hosted by Magic 106.1 personality, Kevin Kelly.  Don’t miss out on all the great raffle items and silent auction prizes!  

For more information, contact Kirsten Bester, Fund Development Officer at kbester@library.guelph.on.ca

Thank you for supporting and investing in your public library!

Lisa Cunningham
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Guelph Public Library
100 Norfolk Street
Guelph, ON
N1H 4J6
519-824-6220. ext. 239

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Thursday Aug 30th - 2012

Hello Mayor Farbridge and Members of Council,

Please be advised that, beginning on Tuesday, Sept. 4, Water Services will be completing the fall component of our semi-annual Watermain Cleaning Program.

At this point, we plan to be completed by Friday, Sept 28th.

This fall, licensed water distribution operators will clean approximately 77 kilometres of watermain on weekdays between the hours of 8 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Areas to be cleaned are outlined in the attached map.

Customer notification and service activities will include:
•    Local newspaper advertising starting this week and continuing to program end;
•    Local radio advertising starting next week and continuing to program end;
•    Bulk mail notices delivered to all affected customers the week prior to cleaning;
•    Delivery of door hanger notices to all customers on the day before they experience an interruption in water service;
•    Press release distributed this week announcing program start and where customers can get more information;
•    Signage (4 signs) located at key entry points to the areas affected;
•    Posting of relevant information on City web site, including detailed mapping, press release, and Frequently Asked Questions; and
•    24/7 customer telephone support (regular hours – 519-837-5627, after hours – 519-658-8033).

We anticipate a number of customer inquiries related to the program and are committed to limiting customer inconvenience while ensuring program success.

Please contact Water Services if you require additional program information and please direct customer inquiries our way.

Thanks for your support.

Peter L. Busatto | General Manager, Guelph Water Services
Planning, Building, Engineering and Environment | Water Services
City of Guelph

T 519-837 -5627 x 2165 | F 519-822 -8837
E peter.busatto@guelph.ca


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Thursday Aug 30th - 2012

GUFF newsletter September  2012           
2012  Summer activities past and ongoing:

June 10-17th we had the Annual Two Rivers Festival in Royal City Park. There were hikes along the rivers, tree identification activities, juggling, discussions, music  and a general celebration of our two Heritage Rivers: The Speed River and the Eramosa River.
Do you know our rivers? Do you know where they begin and end? Do you enjoy their tree diversity along the green corridor on both sides as they slide through Guelph? You won't want to miss the second Annual Two Rivers Festival in 2013 so stay tuned.

2012 Tree Quote contest   Send entries to guffguelph@gmail.com  

Guthrie Park and our "New Forest".  With the guidance of Moritz Sanio of Trees for Guelph, local residents have helped to plant and water the new forest at the end of Echo Drive in Guthrie Park. Great diversity of species and size plus the little native wildflower plants underneath the trees will enhance this area. Come and see the New Forest and watch it grow. Let us know if you want to be on the list for the bucket brigade when we need it water or weed them now and then.  (Usually takes an hour on a late Saturday afternoon.)
Saturday, Sept  15th, join the "Discovery Walk"
This 1 hour walk will link you to three tree sites in Guelph. (two of them orchards and the “new forest” at Guthrie Park.
The event starts at 9:30am at Harcourt Memorial United Church on Dean Ave where 11 trees will be planted. There will be some explanations of the projects, the fruit and nut trees chosen and their value to our community. Of course there will be photo ops also and then the walks begin.
At 10:30 the first group will leave the Harcourt Community Orchard and visit  the Guthrie Park new forest and then the Guelph Community Orchard Project at the Guelph Community Christian School.
At 10:45am the second group leaves
At 11:00am the last and third group leaves, if there is need for this group.
Then all are welcome back at the community barbeque at Harcourt Church.
If you would like to sign up for the event/walks, it would give us an indication of numbers. (But don’t let that stop you from coming.) There will be local food related displays in the Harcourt Gymnasium. Come and network and pick up some ideas and local produce. Or attend the workshop on fruit tree care.
The whole idea of planting fruit and nut tree orchards is to increase food security in our community and to contribute to making a positive difference in our environment.  
 “Roots of Resistance to Climate Change”                                                       “I don’t think we really know how climate change is going to affect our native tree species,” says Janet McKay, executive director and founder of Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests (LEAF), a non-profit that subsidizes the planting of trees and vegetation on private property in Toronto and York Region.
“But we do plant Carolinian species, things like tulip trees, Kentucky coffee trees, eastern redbud.
“These are species that would be at the northern edge of their range here in Toronto. But in downtown Toronto you have the heat-island effect, so these species do well. But as the climate changes and temperatures increase, the range where we can plant those will begin to shift north.”
Trees take up the carbon dioxide spewed by our cars and exhale oxygen. At the same time, they sweep the air of pollution. They suck up rainwater and keep it from taxing our storm drains. Their shade helps reduce air temperature, cuts our air-conditioning costs and provides shelter from the sun. They give our wildlife food and habitat. Even the sound of a breeze rustling through the leaves makes us feel cooler.
In other words, trees are not only good at staving off climate change, they’re also good at helping us adapt to it.
To read the entire article by Antonia Zerbiasis  go to: http://www.thestar.com/news/insight/article/1243379--the-benefits-of-trees-in-avoiding-and-adapting-to-climate-change
TREES are on the front lines of our changing climate.http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/12/opinion/why-trees-matter.html?_r=1&nl=todaysheadlines&emc=edit_th_20120412
SEED SAVERS! Help needed (  from Neighbourwoods in Elora)                Green Legacy is having trouble finding tree seeds this year. They are asking for help. If you see seeds from any of the following species, please collect them and contact :                                                                                                          toni ellis     neighbourwoods@eloraenvironmentcentre.ca     
You don’t need to do viability tests. Green Legacy will do that. Beside each species in the list below is when you are likely to see the seeds – although as you have noticed, the trees are confused, so this is a rough guide.                   
Maple (Sugar and Black) – September
Ohio Buckeye – September
Paper Birch – August
Hickories – October
Redbud – September
Dogwoods – August
Walnut – September
Tulip Tree – September
Ninebark – September
Cherries – August
Oaks – September
Common Elderberry – August
Meadowsweet – September
The John McCrae Victory Arboretum                                           
was officially opened at Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute on June 18th. That morning, a short ceremony took place on the campus as they unveiled the outdoor information board that officially announced their campus as the first high school arboretum in Canada.                                                                
 GUFF attended along with many other tree enthusiasts and groups.The board shows map locations of over 100 tree species and informs the public, of the importance of urban forestry. Since 2007, teacher Lloyd Lewis, students and some staff  worked hard to increase the indigenous tree species from 25 to 100+ Guelph is lucky to have this dedicated diversity and care!

GUFF presents:
Nature in the Neighbourhood Photo Contest 2012

Our second photo contest aimed at Guelph secondary school students will take place during September and October.  We have partnered with Nature in the Neighbourhood to offer teachers an opportunity to take their classes on neighbourhood discovery walks led by a naturalist.  Suggested subject areas include science, art and communication technology The walks will be documented with photography and then these photos can be submitted to the photo contest.  Any secondary school student will be welcome to submit photos to the contest under 3 new categories to be unveiled shortly.
If you are a teacher in the public, separate or independent school system who wishes information please let GUFF know!  We will be doing drop offs  or mailings to all schools in September, but appreciate direct contacts.
Again we will hold community art shows with the winners and this year will have some additional prizes as well.  This contest is generously supported by The Stone Store, Meridian Credit Union and Kloepfer Framing and Gallery.


"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is NOW."  Better still, let's care for and preserve the ones we have.

You have received this email because you indicated an interest in the work we are doing and signed up to receive news from us.  If at any time you wish to be removed, please simply hit reply and let us know.  Thanks.

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Thursday Aug 30th - 2012

Mayor Farbridge and members of Council:

I am writing to you on behalf of the Downtown Nightlife Taskforce in relation to the recent media reports regarding the upcoming operational approaches to managing the Downtown nightlife.  First and foremost, on behalf of the Taskforce, please accept our sincere apologies for learning of this via the media.  The Taskforce did put in place a communications strategy which included an operational briefing note intended for Council.  Members of the Taskforce completed the final planning yesterday and the intent was to forward the final plan to Council and stakeholders.  Regrettably, a member of the Guelph Police Service in conversation with the media prematurely released information. This error ought not reflect on the continued great work of the Downtown Nightlife Task Force.

Overview of the plan:

In 2011, the Guelph Police Service made several alterations as part of its policing operations including significant additions of foot patrol officers in the Downtown as well as a mobile team of officers dedicated to the University area and south-end of Guelph to address neighbourhood complaints to work in partnership with By-law and the U of Guelph Off-Campus Coordinator.  Despite challenges on Homecoming day as well as neighbourhood concerns, several gains were made in the Downtown core including a reduction in disturbances, assaults and violent activity.  Public fouling, littering and other mischiefs continued to present concerns with Downtown merchants and citizens.  

As part of the 2011 debriefing of Project Safe Semester and Homecoming, the Downtown Nightlife Taskforce hosted a series of meetings with Neighbourhood Associations and reviewed all areas in an effort to enhance the collective community response to both Downtown concerns as well as neighbourhood quality of life concerns.  The intent was to continue to move toward implementing proactive strategies versus solely reactive measures while maximizing the various resources of all collaborating agencies.  

With the introduction of the new Transit Terminal and re-opening of Wyndham Street – the Taskforce discussed the potential to introduce several initiatives including:

•    Street Closures (Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11pm to 4am) – impacting on-street parking

Anticipated Outcomes:
o    Access to all municipal lots remain accessible
o    Promote transit as the best and safest option
    Guelph has one of the highest per capita impaired driving rates in Ontario
o    Access for all emergency services including staging of EMS and Police within the road closures
o    Reduce over-crowding on sidewalks when entry lines for liquor establishments are at maximum during peak hours.  
o    Pedestrian walkway intended to reduce the ‘jostling’ of persons on the sidewalks which often escalates into disturbances
o    Reduce the risk of pedestrian collisions
o    Efficient and promote friendly environment that maximizes foot and bicycle police patrols versus mobile patrol – more engagement

•    Transportation – Designated Taxi Stands (Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11pm to 4am)

Anticipated Outcomes:
o    New Transit Hub is video monitored allowing Police and By-law enhanced opportunities to follow up on incidents while monitoring activities
o    New Transit Hub lighting promotes a safe environment
o    New Transit Hub platform accommodates large masses of people reducing ‘jostling’
o    Implement Taxi Stand at Wyndham Street and Cork Street
o    Implement Taxi Stand at  Wyndham Street and Fountain Street
o    Taxi Stand monitored by security courtesy of DGBA
o    Creates safe environment for Transit and Taxi operators reducing fear and improved labour relations
o    Creates three distinct flows of traffic out of the Downtown Core when large masses of people are leaving
o    Reducing pedestrians entering traffic in attempt to ‘flag’ taxi cabs
o    Reduce property damage to merchants properties, vehicles as the crowd mass will be directed out of the Downtown in three separate directions.

•    Public Fouling and Littering
o    Implement accessible portable washrooms  to reduce public fouling (attempts to encourage business owners to open their washrooms remains a priority and significant challenge)
o    Police will continue to enforce public fouling and littering through application of appropriate By-law and provincial legislation

Attached is a map highlighting the road closures and transportation which will be available to every University Student via their welcome package as well as will promoted to local media outlets and the various stakeholder websites.

The Downtown Guelph Business Association has produced the Map in partnership with the city of Guelph and U of Guelph.  The Taskforce has worked diligently to promote a safe environment while ensuring a collaborative approach which included consultation with the Downtown Neighbourhood Association.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Downtown Nightlife Taskforce.

Again, please accept our apologies for the communication error, it was unintended and unfortunate.  More information from the Guelph Police Service related to Project Safe Semester and Homecoming policing plans will follow in the coming days as we finalize our staffing implementation plan.

With respect,


Bryan M. Larkin
Chief of Police
Guelph Police Service
15 Wyndham Street South
Guelph ON N1H 4C6
T. 519.824.1212 ext. 210
F. 519.822.0949

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Thursday Aug 30th - 2012

Guelph’s credit rating moving from good to great
"AA" rating upgraded based on healthy local economy and manageable debt

GUELPH, ON, August 24, 2012
– Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services has reaffirmed Guelph’s current "AA" credit rating, and upgraded the City’s outlook from "stable" to “positive.”

“This Council has implemented several new financial policies," says Mayor Karen Farbridge. "Our improved credit rating shows they’re paying off."

Guelph’s low unemployment rate was a key factor in the rating improvement, along with the city’s diversified local economy.

Standard & Poor’s also noted the City’s continuing efforts to manage its debt by focusing on infrastructure renewal and replacement, reducing debt-financed projects, and deferring growth-related projects into future years. The City’s increasing liquid assets and reserves also influenced Standard & Poor’s outlook assessment.

"Guelph is growing and this research shows we’re financially prepared to manage that growth in a way that’s affordable and sustainable,” says Al Horsman Guelph’s Chief Financial Officer.

Peter Cartwright
General Manager
Economic Development
T 519-822-1260 x 2820
E peter.cartwright@guelph.ca

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Thursday Aug 30th - 2012

DATE    August 30, 2012
TO    All City Hall Employees
FROM    Lynne MacIntyre
DEPARTMENT    Human Resources

SUBJECT    Season Closure – City Hall December 25, 2012 – January 1, 2013

City Hall will be closed to the public during the year-end holiday period, from Tuesday, December 25, 2012 up to and including Tuesday, January 1, 2013.  

December 25, 2012    Christmas Day
December 26, 2012    Boxing Day
December 27, 2012    Float Day
December 28, 2012    Vacation day, banked overtime, floater, etc.
December 31, 2012    Vacation day, banked overtime, floater, etc.
January 1, 2013    New Year’s Day

Tuesday, December 25, 2012 (Christmas Day), Wednesday, December 26, 2012 (Boxing Day) and Tuesday, January 1, 2013 (New Years Day) are the designated Statutory Holidays.  There is one (1) Float Day provided to all full-time staff and for the additional 2 days of closure, employees are expected to use vacation leave, banked overtime hours, floater or leave without pay.  Vacation and banked overtime hours must have been accrued prior to December 31, 2012.  Employees cannot borrow from future vacation entitlements or possible future overtime.  Unused vacation earned until December 31, 2012 is eligible for consideration.

While offices will be closed, employees who do not have any vacation, banked overtime or floater time, may be allowed to work during this time if there is work available and it must be approved by the immediate supervisor.  It is important that supervisors work with their staff to ensure that employees understand their choices and help them make decisions which will work best for both the employee and the department. Also note that where your department has deemed that a service is necessary/essential, you may be required to work during the Christmas closure.

Departments other than those listed above will develop a holiday schedule that best suits their operational needs.  Employees required to work will be scheduled and paid in accordance with the legislated obligations.  A separate memo will be forwarded to these departments in this regard.

Emergency protocols will be communicated by departments whose offices are closed over the holiday.

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Thursday Aug 30th - 2012

Good Evening:
The CESSL division, through the Community and Social Services department has undertaken the development of an Older Adult Strategy for the City of Guelph. This project will ensure that Guelph is a great place to grow up and grow old. The outcome of the project will be a strategy that includes a 10 year implementation plan.
The consultants, The Osborne Group, along with Seniors Services staff have engaged a variety of stakeholders including community members, local service providers and City staff, about ways that we can make Guelph an age-friendly AND age-ready community.
As part of the project we would like to provide information and have input from Mayor Farbridge, Councillors and Executive Team members. Attached is a power point presentation outlining the progress of the project.
You can become involved by:
•    Participating in an in-person or telephone conversation, with The Osborne Group, at your convenience
•    Written feedback sent to The Osborne Group
Please contact Melodie Zarzeczny at mzarzeczny@osborne-group.com , by September 5th, if you would like to provide further feedback.
Thank You,
Wendy Kornelsen

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Thursday Aug 30th - 2012

Mayor Farbridge and Councillors,

Guelph Transit has operated school  special runs for many years. The Transit Growth Strategy (TGS) called for a reduction in school specials for various purposes but mainly to streamline and make better use of resources. Transit Operations has been cancelling school specials since January 2012 including the JF Ross Special, Harts Lane Special, GCVI Special and the Centennial Special to better focus bus resources in areas of high demand.

The Lourdes Special consisted of one trip to the school in the morning and one trip from the school in the afternoon. Ridership is very limited and averages a total of 10 to 12 passengers daily. This route was of more value with the old route system as the new TGS routes serve most of the same corridors.  As such, we will not be resuming this special in September.  The Wellington Catholic District School Board has been informed of our decision and the Guelph Transit website will be updated accordingly.


Michael Anders | General Manager
Community Connectivity and Transit
Operations, Transit & Emergency Services
City of Guelph
T 519-822-1260 x 2795 | F 519-822-1322
E michael.anders@guelph.ca

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Thursday Aug 30th - 2012

Good Morning,

Please find the attached 2 Construction Notices for Elmira Road (between Speedvale Avenue and Woodlawn Road) & Fife Road (between Gateway Drive and Whitelaw Road) as part of the Annual Asphalt program. Elmira Road is scheduled to begin on or about Tuesday, August 28th and Fife Road is scheduled to begin on or about Monday, Sept. 10th. The construction on both Elmira and Fife Roads will take approximately 4 weeks to complete all phases of the asphalt reconstruction.

These notices were hand-delivered to residents and businesses directly affected by the construction. It will be advertised on the City Page in the Guelph Tribune and posted on guelph.ca/construction. Emergency Services and other City staff whose operations may be affected by the construction will be notified.

If you have any further questions, please contact Mr. Doug Wilson (in Grant Ferguson’s absence), at ext. 2292 or via cell – 519-220-9648.

Kindest Regards,

Gwen Barthe, Administrative Coordinator
Engineering Services, Planning, Building, Engineering and Environment
City of Guelph
T 519-822-1260 x 2247  | F 519-822-6194
E gwen.barthe@guelph.ca

Find Out What’s Happening in Your Neighbourhood
What you need to know

As part of the Annual Asphalt program, the City has hired Cox Construction Limited to repair concrete curbs, mill out and remove the existing asphalt surfaces, lower and raise catch basins and manholes and restore the asphalt on Elmira Road between Speedvale Avenue and Woodlawn Road starting on or about Tuesday, August 28, 2012. This work will take approximately four weeks to complete all phases of the work. Improvements to the entrance of Independence Place will also form part of this work.
Access to your property

During construction the contractor will make every effort to maintain access to all driveways, but at times your driveway may be temporarily blocked by construction equipment and/or operations during working hours. All driveways access will be restored by the end of each working day.
The City of Guelph will make every effort to minimize inconvenience during construction. We appreciate your patience, understanding and co-operation during this important infrastructure renewal project.

Transit Routes
Guelph Transit may need to alter their bus stops locations temporarily and to make inquiries about temporary changes please go to transit@guelph.ca or telephone 519-822-1811.
Who to Contact

If you have concerns about day-to-day construction or general questions regarding this reconstruction project please contact:
Grant Ferguson
Program Manager, Technical Services
Engineering Services
Planning, Building, Engineering and Environment
City Hall, 1 Carden St, Guelph ON  N1H 3A1
T 519-822-1260 x 2251
E grant.ferguson@guelph.ca
F 519-822-6194


Find Out What’s Happening in Your Neighbourhood
What you need to know

As part of the Annual Asphalt program, the City has hired Cox Construction Limited to repair concrete curbs, mill out and remove the existing asphalt surfaces, lower and raise catch basins and manholes and restore the asphalt on Fife Road between Gateway Drive and Whitelaw Road starting on or about Monday, September 10, 2012. This work will take approximately four weeks to complete all phases of the work.
Access to your property

During construction the contractor will make every effort to maintain access to all driveways, but at times your driveway may be temporarily blocked by construction equipment and/or operations during working hours. All driveways access will be restored by the end of each working day.
The City of Guelph will make every effort to minimize inconvenience during construction. We appreciate your patience, understanding and co-operation during this important infrastructure renewal project.

Transit Routes
Guelph Transit may need to alter their bus stops locations temporarily and to make inquiries about temporary changes please go to transit@guelph.ca or telephone 519-822-1811.
Who to contact

If you have concerns about day-to-day construction or general questions regarding this reconstruction project please contact:
Grant Ferguson
Program Manager, Technical Services
Engineering Services
Planning, Building, Engineering and Environment
City Hall, 1 Carden St, Guelph ON  N1H 3A1
T 519-822-1260 x 2251
E grant.ferguson@guelph.ca
F 519-822-6194

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Thursday Aug 30th - 2012

Good day,
The City of Guelph offers all registered non-for-profit youth organizations (such as Guelph Minor Hockey) a 47.5% subsidy off their arena ice time rental fees, as well as priority allocation of all our arenas. The City of Guelph provides a lot of support to youth sports in general and specifically to GMHA as broken down with some statistics for the 2011 season for GMHA:
Allocation for 2011:
Total ice hours available for rent (all arenas)   ------  12,856 hours    100%
Total ice hours rented by youth organizations ---------------------------------------- 8,615 hours       67%
Of the time allocated to only youth, the total ice hours rented by GMHA is ------4,431 hours      51% (of all youth time)  
Subsidy for 2011:
Total City taxpayer subsidy to all youth sports (ice, court, pool and field sports groups) ---- $1,062,424     100%    
Of this, the total City taxpayer subsidy directly to GMHA is--------- ------------------------------- $497,693        46%
Note: The City of Guelph does not schedule specific practice or game times for individual GMHA leagues/teams. We allocate hours and it is up to GMHA to schedule individual games/practices for their leagues/teams.
I hope this helps to outline the support the City of Guelph taxpayers currently provide to youth sports and directly to GMHA.
Best regards,
Peter C. Avgoustis | Manager, Business Services
Community & Social Services
City of Guelph

T 519-822 -1260 x 2594 | F 519-763 -9240
E peter.avgoustis@guelph.ca

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Thursday Aug 30th - 2012


Downtown task force plans safe start to student semester
GUELPH, ON, August 28, 2012 – Guelph’s Downtown Nightlife Task Force will launch its Safe Semester pilot project this Thursday, August 30. The project is designed to create a safe and enjoyable environment for downtown patrons including the expected influx of students starting school in Guelph this week.

The task force — which includes representatives from the Downtown Guelph Business Association, the Guelph Police Service, the University of Guelph, the City’s by-law compliance and enforcement, public works, downtown renewal, and transit departments, the Downtown Residents’ Neighbourhood Association and several downtown businesses — is working to prevent littering, public urination and other nuisances, and reduce conflicts between pedestrians and drivers getting in and out of downtown on weekends.

What to expect on weekends downtown

On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m.:
•    Macdonell Street will be closed to traffic between Wilson Street and the West Parkade.
•    Wyndham Street will be closed to traffic between Carden Street and Cork Street.
•    Two portable washrooms will be placed at Guelph Central Station on Carden Street.
•    Two portable washrooms will be placed in the Macdonell Street parking lot (one of which will be wheelchair accessible.)
•    One taxi stand will be located at the corner of Wyndham Street and Cork Street.
•    One taxi stand will be located at the corner of Wyndham Street and Fountain Street.
•    All parking lots remain open and accessible.
“We’re hoping the changes in traffic flow will prevent collisions and increase safety for people walking and driving downtown,” says Allister McILveen, Guelph’s traffic and parking manager. “We want everyone to get home quickly and safely at the end of the night.”

About the Safe Semester Pilot Project

Bryan Larkin
Chief of Police
Guelph Police Service
T 519-824-1212 x 210
E bryan.larkin@police.guelph.on.ca
About road closures and parking

Allister McILveen, Manager
Traffic and Parking
City of Guelph
T 519-822-1260 x 2275
E allister.mcilveen@guelph.ca

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Thursday Aug 30th - 2012

August 29th, 2012:

Board of Directors of Guelph Municipal Holdings Inc. (GMHI)
1 vacancy, 2 years to the end of the existing term of Council (November, 2014)

Persons interested in serving on this board shall file an application with the City Clerk by the end of the day on September 13, 2012. Applications are available on the City’s Website (www.guleph.ca) and may also be picked up at the ServiceGuelph counter at City Hall (1 Carden St).
Meetings:  A minimum of four per year, with additional meetings as required.

Summary of Duties:  Appointees to this Board will act in a strategic governance role, and regularly and as required, advise, inform and make recommendations to the City as Shareholder on matters and opportunities pertaining to GMHI and the corporations held by GMHI.

Qualifications:  In addition to sound judgment and personal integrity, qualifications that will be considered an asset include:
•    awareness of Provincial policy frameworks (e.g. Municipal Act and Ontario Business Corporations Act) and the municipal framework in which GMHI operates;
•    awareness of the role GMHI has in achieving the objectives of the City Corporate Strategic Plan and the issues related to operation of the GMHI;
•    expertise in business and entrepreneurship, including private/public partnerships;
•    knowledge of electric utilities, energy conservation and demand management as well as electricity generation;
•    experience on boards of significant commercial corporations;
•    financial, legal, accounting and/or marketing experience; and,
•    knowledge and experience with risk management strategy.

Persons applying for appointment must be over 18 years of age. Non-residents are permitted to submit an application. The City of Guelph is an equal opportunity volunteer recruiter.

Appointments will be made for the remainder of existing term of Council to expire at the end of November, 2014

Persons may direct questions regarding vacancy requirements to Donna Jaques 519-822-1260 ext. 2288. For questions regarding the application process, contact Dolores Black at 519 822-1260 ext 2269.

Blair Labelle, City Clerk
City Hall, 1 Carden Street
Guelph ON  N1H 3A1

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Thursday Aug 30th - 2012

August 30th, 2012:


Just a reminder that summer hours at City Hall cease on Friday, August 31, 2012.  

Commencing Tuesday, September 4th City Hall hours will be 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday with a one (1) hour lunch break.


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Thursday Aug 2nd - 2012

Letter to the Editor: Guelph Tribune Aug 2nd ,2012:

Report a waste of money

Re: Councillor, mayor disagree on funds (Tribune, July 17)
There appears to be a few with authority at city hall who have become very puffed up and resentful towards anyone who disagrees or questions them.
The mayor believes that the integrity commissioner’s report and fee of $10,400 plus HST was acceptable, and she highly praised it.
I disagree and believe the whole purpose was to muzzle councillors Gloria Kovach  and Cam Guthrie, who have shown a lot of integrity and honest concern for the taxpayers. We need more like them.
I would like to thank Cam and Gloria, also councillors Bob Bell, Jim Furfaro and Andy Van Hellemond – keep up the good work.
I hope when the next election rolls around that the citizens of Guelph will remember some of the costly decisions that have been made and vote accordingly.
May the good Lord raise up a few good men to run this city and a mayor who has a heart for the people.
Laura Floyd

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Thursday Aug 2nd - 2012

Guelph Tribune Editorial:
Thursday, August, 02, 2012
Council optics not good

City council’s recent decision not to consider the repercussions of a zero, one and two per cent tax hike leaves me perplexed. It also leaves me wondering if their air is so rarified they’re lacking oxygen.
This is not to say I am buying into Councillor Cam Guthrie’s political grandstanding as a tax-busting champion of the little guy.
His heart’s in the right place, and there is a logic in his rejected proposal to examine all budget options and possible ramifications.
That said, Guthrie is living in and promoting a black and white world when the reality is many shades of grey. Black and white is sexy, sells and makes for great sound bites. Grey, not so much so.
However, Guthrie is making hay at the expense of the majority who come across as elite know-it-alls. Nothing ticks off an electorate more than condescending politicians telling those who voted for them that they know what’s best.
I read about the recent budget debate from afar while on vacation. The optics are not good and getting a tad tiresome, too. It’s as if residents have no collective memory.
First the death notice. It will cost 8.5 per cent more next year to maintain the same service levels as this year. However, staff will use three per cent as the tax guideline. For this we are supposed to be thankful?
The biggest laugher for me was when it was suggested that just because a three per cent hike is the benchmark, it could come in less. I can foresee a 2.99 per cent increase, perhaps after some financial dipsy-doodling. But does that suffice?
I know all of this sounds most curmudgeonly, but I have to wonder who some members of council are hanging out with. They seem almost insulated from Main Street, Guelph.
Do they realize that while our city may be affluent, not everyone has nice-paying jobs and benefits working at the University of Guelph, City of Guelph, Ontario Ministry of Food and Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and such?
In other words, we are a  wealthy public sector town, but there is a good chunk of the population that are working stiffs who probably would like to see how a zero, one and two per cent tax bill would affect their lives.
I have no doubt that the hearts, minds and ideals of the majority who snuffed Guthrie’s budget overtures are in the right place.
However, in politics optics are everything, and their optics are not good.
Perception is reality, and my perception  is that the ‘three per centers’ feel that they know what’s best for us and have little faith in their constituents to discern what sacrifices should and should not be made during budget deliberations.     cclark@guelphtribune.ca

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