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Councillor - Christine Billings

Monday Feb 13th - 2012

Subject: Congratulations to City of Guelph employees - winners of a United Way spirit award!

This week, the City of Guelph was honoured with a Spirit Award for our 2011 United Way campaign. The award goes to workplaces that demonstrate outstanding United Way support and spirit, bringing enthusiasm, creativity, and innovation to the campaign.

Congratulations to the City’s campaign team and to every employee who played a role in our 2011 campaign! This award belongs to you. Volunteers made the difference in our campaign – baking treats, carving pumpkins, flipping pancakes, planning pirate games, organizing garage sales... and the list goes on. City employees organized more than 35 fundraising events in just four weeks. Your enthusiasm and creativity not only raised money for the United Way, it brought teams together and helped us all have a lot of fun in our workplace.

Thanks to your efforts, we exceeded our $50,000 goal – helping the local United Way campaign raise an astounding $3.14 million, 10 per cent above its goal. Well done, and congratulations on being recognized by the United Way!

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Monday Feb 13th - 2012

Mayor Farbridge and Councillors,

I would like to provide you an update on the route changes that were implemented on Monday this week. As you will recall, the length of Route 2 A/B was adjusted to provide a shorter run time and Route 15 was implemented which covers portions of the original Route 2 A/B and provides additional capacity in the area of College Avenue and Stone Road.

The changes have had the desired effect – the issue of buses running late on Route 2 A/B has been essentially eliminated and riders are making their transfer at Wal-Mart and St. George’s Square on a regular basis. Operators are indicating to us that the new Route 2 A/B is working and the level of frustration for both operators and passengers has been reduced significantly. Route 15 has been well received and riders on College Avenue west of the Hanlon are very happy with the enhanced service. We implemented this new route with an A.M. schedule that allows riders to connect with buses at the University Centre/St. George’s Square to get to the industrial areas of the City first thing in the morning.

We are currently in the process of completing revisions to Route 20 and Route 21 which serve the industrial areas of the City. We are planning to announce changes to Route 21 on Wednesday next week and implement the improvements on February 17. Revisions to Route 20 are more comprehensive in nature and we anticipate being able to announce the changes by February 21 and implement the changes by February 27.

Efforts are also currently being focused on addressing the capacity issue in the south end through the acquisition of additional conventional buses. An announcement on this matter will be made shortly.

We are making steady progress on the issues associated with the new system that have been highlighted to us by operators and riders. We continue to encourage feedback on performance and we are confident that our changes will provide a satisfactory solution.

Thank you for your continued support in this matter.

Michael Anders | General Manager, Community Connectivity and Transit
Transit Services | Operations & Transit
City of Guelph

T 519-822-1260 x 2795 | F 519-822-1322
E michael.anders@guelph.ca

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Monday Feb 13th - 2012

Good morning Mayor Farbridge, Councillors and Executive Team,

The abnormal winter of 2011/12 continues, welcome to week 14 of 20, we are on the downward slope….and can see the light at the end of the tunnel folks!!!;

I would like to provide all with a follow-up to the General Manager of Public Works, Rod Keller’s email to you of late regarding this weather system and our activities to address it.

Our detailed weather forecast states (and radar confirms) that this system has basically concluded.  We expect another cm or so later today and perhaps another cm or so tomorrow as a result of lingering flurries.  The kicker will be the falling temperatures and the sustained winds (30 to 35km/hr) and wind gusts (45 to 50 km/hr)we are expecting in the wake of the system passing.  Temperatures are expected to fall to a low of minus 12 celcius tonight with wind chills in the range of minus 22 celcius.  Blowing and drifting will occur and will require our extended attention.

Staff have been out since the storm began and are diligently working to treat all areas.
Below is a brief synopsis of activity and anticipated completion times, (please keep in mind that winds will affect these anticipated end times).


We currently have all salter/plow units out on our main arterial roads, collector roads and bus routes.  This road network  work will be complete by mid afternoon.  The operation will shift to the residential roads (curves, stop signs) in order to ensure sufficient traction is present for maneuverability later this evening and overnight, (all hills within residential routes have already been addressed).  Again we did not achieve the threshold accumulation depth of 10cm to date to warrant a residential plow-out.


Sidewalk plowing activity commenced at 5;00am on the high pedestrian traffic arterial, collector and bus routes.  That task should be complete by 3:00pm.  Bus stops will be cleared simultaneously with the sidewalk operation.  
Staff have completed working on the downtown sidewalks and will return to clean up the residual on downtown parking lots.  That activity will be completed in the next 3 hours.

City wide clearing and sanding of all city owned steps began this morning at 5:00am and should also be completed by 3;00pm today.


Winter control activities to all city owned facility parking lots, access roads and entrance ways began overnight and will continue until 5;00pm when all should be completed.  

An update to this information will not be provided unless unforeseen circumstances develop.
Trusting you will find this update useful.

As always, your patience, co-operation and understanding is very much appreciated.
Best regards to all;

Sam Mattina | Manager
Operations & Transit |Public Works Department
Roads & Right of Ways

City of Guelph
T 519-822-1260 x 2017 | F 519-821-0839
E sam.mattina@guelph.ca

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