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Councillor - Christine Billings

Tuesday Nov 20th - 2012

Very exciting news. I want to welcome the die-hard Ti-cats fans to Guelph next year. As a fan myself, I know that the University, the Ti-cats organization and our city will welcome you with open arms. I hope you take the time to visit our wonderful city for more than just a game or two. Check out our downtown! Check out the wonderful hotels and places to eat! Shop till you drop! I'll see you at each game as I'm a season ticket holder myself! Congrats to the University and the Ti-cats for securing a great place to play CFL football in 2013. Welcome!

Cam Guthrie


Message from Bob Young:

Good afternoon Cam ,

Great news! The Tiger-Cats will be playing next season's home games just a short drive from Hamilton.

We've just signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Guelph that would see the Tiger-Cats play our 2013 home games at the home of the Gryphons, Alumni Field.  As you know, Guelph is a beautiful city just 17 minutes north of Hamilton's city limits and their Alumni Field is a first class field in a scenic location with great access and ample parking.   

Playing at the University of Guelph will be an adventure and 2013 promises to be a season to be remembered!  With all the talent coming back to the Ticats coupled with the opening of our brand new stadium in 2014, the next couple of years will be truly historic times in TigerTown.

Much more news will follow soon.  In the near future we'll provide additional information about next season, including parking and transportation details.

Most importantly, you're probably wondering about next year's season tickets.

The renewal date for your 2013 season seats is February 8, 2013.  However, if you place a 20% refundable deposit on your 2013 seats by the early bird deadline of December 14, you'll pay the same price for your 2013 seats as you did during the final season at Ivor Wynne Stadium.  

To renew your seats or ask any further questions, please call your account representative at 905-547-CATS.

I'm looking forward to our 2013 adventure together.  

Oskee Wee Wee,

Bob Young
Caretaker, Hamilton Tiger-Cats

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Monday Nov 19th - 2012

Dear Mayor and Council,

Staff are in the process of switching over our interactive water feature facility, here in Market Square, to an outdoor ice rink facility for another fun filled season of public skating. This is year two for the ice rink and we’re anticipating as much excitement and activity as we had last year.

This week and next our staff will be installing the ice dam (red coloured plastic and metal ring), laying out the rubber mats that protect both the interlocking paving stones and patron’s skates, and setting up the skate change area located in the Pavilion. Weather permitting, staff will start to make ice toward the end of next week and hopefully have it ready in time for our first event on November 30th, 2012.

So bring your skates and enjoy the fun on November 30th during the Winter Lights & Music event being hosted jointly by the Downtown Guelph Business Association and the City of Guelph.

Have a great day.

Mario Petricevic, CET
General Manager, Corporate Building Maintenance
City of Guelph

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Monday Nov 19th - 2012

From: Bill Shields
Sent: November 16, 2012 9:39 AM

I received a call from Ravi who advised me that he presented at the Waste Expo in Toronto this week. His presentation was about odour management and he referenced the Guelph composting facility in his presentation. After his presentation he was approached by people from the Ministry of Environment’s Policy Branch. They expressed to Ravi that they were very pleased with the Guelph composting  facility and the way things worked out. They are using the Guelph project as a model to show the industry that composting does work in Ontario when engineered and operated using the best available technology.  

Ravi further went on to say that he heard a great deal of good comments from attendees about our facility.

Bill Shields | Supervisor, Governance & Compliance
Planning, Building, Engineering and Environment | Solid Waste Resources
City of Guelph

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Monday Nov 19th - 2012

Good afternoon Mayor Farbridge and Councillors,

I am pleased to inform you the City’s requested amendment to the Organic Waste Processing Facility’s Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) to allow certified compostable plastic bags within Guelph’s organic waste stream has been approved by the Ministry of the Environment. As a result, we are putting forward a report to PBEE Committee on Monday to request Council’s approval to amend the Waste Management By-law in order for residents to use certified compostable plastic bags to line their green carts.
Please feel free to reference and publish the issue note’s questions and answers section.
If you have any additional questions, please let me know.


Dean F. Wyman
General Manager

Questions and answers:
Why did the City seek an amendment to allow the use of compostable plastics bags as a green cart liners?
The City applied to the MOE for permission to collect organic waste in certified compostable plastic bags for three reasons:
•    To offer residents the option to use certified compostable plastic bags as liners in their green carts.
•    To increase opportunities to process organic waste from other Ontario sources currently using certified compostable plastic bags.
•    To use waste collection practices consistent with other municipalities in Ontario.
How are paper liners different from certified compostable plastic bags?
Paper liners break down easily in the composting process whereas certified compostable plastic bags take longer and may leave behind trace amounts of plastic film.  

Will the use of certified compostable plastic bags cause odours when processed at the OWPF?

The OWPF is processing plastic bags daily and will continue to do so until 2014, when all residents are using waste carts. The OWPF’s odour control systems are performing optimally and the facility has not experienced odour issues since re-commissioning in February.

Why didn’t the City request the use of compostable plastic bags sooner?
The City has been in negotiations with the Ministry of the Environment to amend the OWPF’s Environmental Compliance Approval since last November, when an Ottawa-based organic processing facility, Orgaworld Canada Ltd., successfully won an appeal for a similar ECA condition.

How will residents learn of this new option to use certified compostable plastic bags as liners in their green carts?
If Council approves the City staff recommended Waste Management Bylaw amendment, a number of communications tactics will be underway to inform residents of their options for lining their green cart, including print ads, information on the City’s website guelph.ca/waste, and through a variety of social media channels.

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Monday Nov 19th - 2012

Good Morning,

I am happy to advise you that beginning February 2013, you will receive your Committee/Council meeting packages (i.e. agendas, reports etc) a full week in advance of scheduled meeting dates.

Currently, you receive your packages on Thursday for meetings occurring in the immediate next week.  This practice has given you only 1 weekend to review the materials and at best, 1-2 working days to speak directly with staff.

For 2013, while you will still receive packages on Thursday, the meeting package you receive will be 10 days in advance of the scheduled meeting.  This will now provide  you with 2 full weekends and 5 working days to review the materials and to contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns about the materials ahead of the meeting.

In the coming weeks our City Clerk, Blair Labelle will be providing you with further information about what to expect.

I wish to extend my great thanks to our Executive Team and City Clerk for streamlining our internal processes in order to deliver this change to you.

We hope this is of assistance in your work as Mayor and City Council.

Best regards,

Ann Pappert | Chief Administrative Officer
City of Guelph


My thoughts:

I completely agree with this and welcome it. Big time. The Mayor's comments regarding this are below and I want to share this with you as well as I echo her thoughts:

"The (is) two-fold.  One it reflects the desire of members of Council to be as well prepared for meetings as possible.  Given work and family commitments and staff schedules, there is often not enough time to follow up on questions in advance of a meeting.  The second relates to the limitations that the short time frame places on the participation of members of the public in their local government.
This is a wonderful expression of open government and support for the role of Council."


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Monday Nov 19th - 2012

From Staff:

For your information,

I have approved a 30 metre tower installation for Bell Mobility at the rear of the property located at 367 Woodlawn Road West. This property is located across from Royal Road, north side of Woodlawn. This Telecommunication Tower complies with the City of Guelph Telecommunication Towers and/or Antennas Policy.
Paul Moore |Manager, Permit and Zoning Services
Building Services | Planning, Engineering and Environmental Services
City of Guelph

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