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Councillor - Christine Billings

Thursday Oct 20th - 2011

Official Statement from Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health & City of Guelph

October 20, 2011


A response protocol triggered by water quality test results has shown no contamination or safety concerns with Guelph’s water supply. 

This week, during routine monitoring of the quality and safety of Guelph’s water, the City of Guelph received test results indicating a potential contamination of the City’s water supply. As a precaution, the City of Guelph triggered a response protocol including site investigation, water flushing and increased disinfection. 

The City, Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health (WDGPH) and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment have been closely monitoring the situation and two subsequent water-quality tests have confirmed that there is no coliform or E. coli contamination in Guelph’s water supply. 

“There is no health concern to the public with Guelph’s water supply,” assures Dr. Nicola Mercer, Medical Officer of Health. “We work closely with the City of Guelph and the Ministry of the Environment to regularly monitor water quality according to the Ontario Safe Drinking Water Act. If there was any risk we would notify residents immediately.” 

“Each year, certified operators and accredited, licensed laboratories conduct more than 20,000 treated water microbiological and chemical quality tests,” says Janet Laird, Executive Director, Planning & Building, Engineering and Environment for the City of Guelph. “In all cases, the drinking water supplied to Guelph customers was confirmed safe and the water quality was better than all Ontario and Canadian health-related guidelines.”

Dr. Nicola Mercer,

Medical Officer of Health


Public Health


T 519-846-2715

E info@wdgpublichealth.ca    


Janet Laird, Executive Director

Planning & Building, Engineering and Environment

City of Guelph


T 519-822-1260  x 2237

E janet.laird@guelph.ca



Stacey Hare, Senior Communications and Issues Management Coordinator

T 519-822-1260 x 2611
C 519-829-0999
E stacey.hare@guelph.ca

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Thursday Oct 13th - 2011

Oct 13th, 6pm

Good Afternoon

As of this afternoon the West End Centre is on track to open the pool, library and gym at their regular times this Monday morning.  All regular programs in those parts of the building should run as scheduled.

Ice availability however will be delayed until Tuesday at 4:00 pm.  Ice uses and programs will therefore be cancelled for Monday and for Tuesday (morning and afternoon only).  Notification of West End ice users is already underway

The repair work is proceeding according to schedule and power is expected to be restored to the entire building by Saturday at the latest.  Once main power is restored staff will focus on restarting the aquatics centre’s circulation and filtering systems and preparing the building for use.  The time between the power start-up and the Monday morning opening will allow for the new power panel to be tested and assessed prior to the public entering the facility.

The twin pad arena has been running for 48 hours on a special emergency generator that was brought to the site to help facilitate the installation of the new ice surfaces.  Once building power has been restored and is stable that generator will be shut down and the arenas moved back on to the building’s power systems.

Please be aware that this is our best estimate and that unanticipated problems with the repair work could still negatively influence these time frames.

If you have any questions on the situation at West End please call feel free to call at any time.


Bob Burchett
General Manager, Parks and Recreation Programming & Facilities

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Thursday Oct 13th - 2011

October 13th, 2011

After reviewing  the decision of Justice Price in more detail, it is clear that although he did not grant us the relief we requested, he agreed with much of the City’s position. 

I'd also like to remind everyone about what I said regarding this situation back several months ago, as recorded by the Guelph Mercury. I hate to say "I told you so" but we asked for exactly what we were allowed to ask for, and this current Provincial Government dropped the ball, along with our current representative Liz Sandals. Instead of truly representing us and bringing our rightful concerns to the Province so that an assessor could have been appointed, it was quickly dismissed and forgotten. In my opinion, she turned a blind eye to our issues and instead often took plenty of time to critized your local elected officials for trying to ask for something that Judge Price clearley states in his decision what we had every right to ask for. As your representative, and as a resident, this is disturbing on many levels. If an assesor had been appointed many months ago, this would have been dealt with. Maybe we should mail our legal bill to the Province? Here's the article: http://www.guelphmercury.com/news/local/article/530533--mcguinty-draws-fire-from-guelph-council-members


Other Comments:

1.    The Board must follow the guidelines issued by the Ministry with regard to consultation and collaboration to prevent the disempowerment of municipal councils in relation to decisions affecting their constituents.  The quality of ministerial supervision determines the effectiveness of this safeguard.
2.    The Minister is required to appoint an assessor under the Act and it is the assessor who makes the decision whether an investigation is required.
3.    The Board must be transparent in providing the necessary information to the municipalities to enable them to assess the reasonableness of the expenses and, if necessary, to challenge the Board’s decision in the courts.
4.    The Board must consult and collaborate with the municipalities with regard to the decision to construct the new capital facilities.

Thank you,


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Wednesday Oct 12th - 2011

City of Guelph hires new Chief Financial Officer

GUELPH, ON, October 3, 2011

The City of Guelph is pleased to announce that Dan Chapman has been hired to fill the position of Chief Financial Officer and will begin on October 24, 2011.
“The Chief Financial Officer is an essential role in the municipality. Dan’s experience and leadership will be a great asset to our city as we further develop and implement our financial strategy,” says Mayor Karen Farbridge.
A long-time resident of Guelph, Mr. Chapman is committed to innovation in the areas of internal service strategy, financial management, and policy formation. He also brings experience in community engagement and has experience working with the non-profit sector, most recently serving on the Board of The Elliot Community. Previous experience was gained with KPMG LLP, and as Director of Finance & Treasurer with Woolwich Township.
"We’re very pleased to welcome Dan to the City of Guelph," says Guelph's Chief Administrative Officer, Ann Pappert. "Dan is a skilled, strategic financial leader with extensive senior level municipal government experience and a record of accomplishments in public administration."

Mr. Chapman is a Chartered Accountant and earned his Masters of Public Administration from the University of Western Ontario.


Mark Amorosi
Director of Human Resources
T 519-822-1260 x 2281
E mark.amorosi@guelph.ca
Ann Pappert
Chief Administrative Officer
T 519-837-5602  
E administration@guelph.caT

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Wednesday Oct 12th - 2011

Guelph welcomes Würth Canada to the Hanlon Creek Business Park

GUELPH, ON, October 5, 2011


Würth Canada Limited announced today its plan to relocate and expand its head office and distribution facility in Guelph.

Würth is purchasing a 5.14 hectare (12.7 acre) city-owned site in the Hanlon Creek Business Park to initially construct a new 11,047 sq. m. (118,915 sq. ft.) office and distribution building. The facility will employ more than 100 people on site and support more than 375 sales representatives across the country.  The occupancy date of the building is expected to be late 2014.   

“We’re thrilled Würth Canada has chosen to locate its new facility in Guelph based on the unique attributes of the Hanlon Creek Business Park,” says Guelph’s Chief Administrative Officer, Ann Pappert. “For Guelph, the attraction of businesses like Würth means more good local jobs, investment in our community, and business tax revenue to fund services for Guelph citizens.”

“Our plans for the future are based on annual double-digit growth and have led us to the development of a new state-of-the-art facility which we plan on opening in 2014,” says Ernie Sweeney, President, Würth Canada. “The Hanlon Creek Business Park was chosen due to its convenient location for distribution, future expansion capability and proximity to our existing distribution centre in Mississauga.”

The Guelph location will be the primary head office for Würth Canada, supporting all of its internal business functions as well as a state of the art warehouse serving customer orders from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Winnipeg, Manitoba. This building design will set a standard for future structures in the Hanlon Creek Business Park.

“We are excited to welcome such a high calibre company to Guelph’s corporate community. We look forward to assisting Würth Canada further and hope that this endeavour serves as an anchor for other international firms,” says Peter Cartwright, General Manager, Economic Development and Tourism Services.

About Würth Canada

The core business of Würth Canada is the worldwide sale of fixing and assembly materials, including screws, screw accessories, dowels and plugs, chemical products, furniture and construction fittings, tools, and stockkeeping and picking systems. Würth Canada has 450 employees with sales projections of $82 million in 2011. Würth Canada is part to the international Würth Group which boasts 410 companies in 84 countries, over 65,000 employees, and sales projections of 10 billion Euros this year.
About Hanlon Creek Business Park
The Hanlon Creek Business Park is a prime business location in Guelph’s south end. Phase 1 of this development is fully graded, serviced and ready for development. The Hanlon Creek Business Park is an important tool that will continue to support the strategic directions contained in the City’s Economic Development and Tourism Strategy – Prosperity 2020.

Peter Cartwright
General Manager
Economic Development & Tourism Services
T (519) 837-5600 x 2820
E peter.cartwright@guelph.ca
Goran Abramovic
Marketing Manager
Würth Canada
T 905- 564-6225 x 2235
E GAbramovic@wurth.ca

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Wednesday Oct 12th - 2011

I received this from City Staff and thought you'd like to see it in regards to the "bag to cart" issue that is being questioned.


Hi Cam,

Please see below, a direct quote from the Certificate of Approval issued by the Ministry of Environment that provides the City of Guelph with our approval to operate the new Organic Waste Processing Facility.  

Note:  Folks in the community are correct when they say that the MOE is not requiring the City to eliminate the use of bags for waste collection.  What the MOE is stating below is that while we can collect our waste however we like, we can only accept waste at our composting site that is collected through a waste collection program that does not allow the use of bags…..so in other words, while we can use bags for organics, if we choose to use bags then we cannot send our compostable waste to our own composter, but would have to ship it to an alternative site.

Some folks are implying in the media that we can collect our waste in bags, as long as we remove the bags prior to the composting process – that is incorrect – what the MOE has a concern with is the collection of organic waste in bags, NOT the processing of organic waste with the bags still on/in the process.  The rationale behind the MOE’s thinking (as I understand it) is that if the waste is stored in a sealed plastic bag for a week (or more if folks are away and miss a collection day) then the sealed bag will cause the waste to go anaerobic – it is anaerobic decomposition that causes odours – hence the mandate to not receive at the site waste that is collected through a collection program that permits the use of bags.

Section 34 (4) (d)

“ The Owner shall not accept at the composting site any Organic Waste that is collected through a waste collection program that allows the use of bags, except the waste that is generated in and collected by the City of Guelph and in accordance with ….. “Proposed Phase-out of Plastic Bag Usage in Organics Collection” ….”

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Wednesday Oct 12th - 2011

GUELPH, ON, October 4, 2011


The City of Guelph launched its 2011 United Way fundraising campaign yesterday with a kickoff barbecue at City Hall. More than two hundred employees from locations throughout the city dropped in for lunch, raising about $1,200 for the cause.

The City’s fundraising goal is $50,000, which staff hope to raise through a combination of staff donations and pledges, and special events.

This year campaign efforts are chaired by Mayor Karen Farbridge, who is enthusiastic about the City’s renewed commitment to the United Way. "City of Guelph employees understand better than most that when we support an individual who needs help, it makes the entire community a better place. I believe in our employees’ desire to make a difference. Because of their commitment, I’m optimistic the City’s 2011 campaign to raise funds for the United Way will be a tremendous success."

The United Way of Guelph and Wellington is a volunteer-driven, charitable foundation focused on meeting the pressing social needs in Guelph and Wellington County. The United Way supports and engages the community through fundraising, fund distribution and social planning.


Bob Burchett
2011 City of Guelph United Way Campaign Manager General Manager, Parks and Recreation Programming & Facilities City of Guelph T 519-822-1260 x 2664 E bob.burchet@guelph.ca

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Wednesday Oct 12th - 2011

October 6th, 2011

Good Morning Mayor Farbridge and members of Council,

Overnight Guelph Fire Department had a number of fire calls in the Ward 3  and Ward 4  area of the City.

There was a call to 135 Oxford Street where 2 fabric chairs were found on fire. There was a call to the Oxford / Dublin area where a P/U truck was found on fire. There was a call at 16 Willow Road where 3 separate vehicles were found on fire. There was a call to 61 Willow Road where two dumpsters were found on fire. All fires were extinguished by Emergency Services. Guelph Police Service attended to investigate with Emergency Services - Guelph Fire Department.

Thank you,

Emergency services

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Wednesday Oct 12th - 2011

GUELPH, ON, October 6, 2011

New and improved transit routes and schedules that were slated to begin November 6 as part of Guelph’s Transit Growth Strategy will now start January 1. “Over the past couple of months, we’ve worked hard at planning and communicating the introduction of new routes and improved service anticipating a start on November 6,” says Michael Anders, General Manager of Guelph Transit and Community Connectivity. “We are ready to implement the changes, but because of collective bargaining agreement obligations, we have to move the implementation date to January 1, 2012.”

Guelph Transit will continue to keep riders and the community informed with respect to the new routes and services, and their start dates.

Michael Anders
General Manager, Guelph Transit and Community Connectivity
Operations and Transit Services
T 519-822-1260 x 2795
E michael.anders@guelph.ca

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Wednesday Oct 12th - 2011

Thursday, 22 Sept 2011
Attached please find the Notice of Commencement for the Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for reconnecting Silvercreek Parkway (south of Paisley) through a grade separation at the CNR Mainline. The notice will appear in today’s Tribune and will be circulated to adjacent residents and agencies.
The reconnection of Silvercreek Parkway is a requirement for the development of the Silvercreek (Lafarge) lands and providing a grade separation is a Transport Canada requirement. The project is cost-shared between the City and the developer as per an OMB Minutes of Settlement.
We have hired Delcan Corporation as consultants to first carry out the EA and then complete the design and construction of the improvements. There are several components to this project as indicated in the study Notice.
The EA process will include consultation with area residents and coordination with external review agencies as well as railway agencies.
We plan to have the first Public Information Centre (PIC) in November.
Please let me know if you have questions or need further information.
Thank you.
Rajan Philips, M.Sc., P.Eng | Manager
Transportation Planning & Development Engineering
T 519-822-1260 x 2369
E rajan.philips@guelph.ca

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Wednesday Oct 12th - 2011

Judge rules Guelph must work with local health unit

GUELPH — The City of Guelph has some recourse when it comes to getting satisfaction from the requirements that bind it to Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health.

But according to a judge’s ruling made public Wednesday, removing itself from that governance model or rejecting financial obligations imposed on the municipality by the public health board are not options.

Justice David Price of the Superior Court of Justice issued the 30-page ruling Wednesday on the ongoing dispute between public health and Guelph.

Public health plans to build a multimillion-dollar office in Guelph and bill the city $12 million, money the city has maintained it cannot afford at this time.

Mayor Karen Farbridge said Wednesday the current governance model is “ridiculous” in that it appears to allow public health to make significant financial decisions without properly consulting municipalities and justifying those expenses.

Farbridge said the ruling that Guelph cannot simply part company with the existing health unit and create its own similar agency was a disappointment. Late last month, city council passed a special resolution revoking the appointment of three councillors to the board of public health.

In his ruling, Price noted that changes to provincial legislation in 1997 and 2001 removed the right of any of the three municipalities to withdraw from the health unit.

He stated: “I find that the city does not possess the power either to withdraw unilaterally from the Board or to veto the Board’s decision, even when they have the effect of imposing significant financial obligations on the City.”

The city, however, has the right to request from Ontario’s minister of health and long-term care a so-called assessor when a legitimate complaint arises.

Farbridge made such a request in the spring, but was turned down. Backed by Price’s ruling, she will make the request again, based on the argument that the health board is not complying with legislation.

“The judgment does two things from our perspective,” Farbridge said in a telephone interview. “One, it confirms that the current governance model is unacceptable. The other part it does for us is, the judge in our view clearly indicates that the board and province have obligations to Guelph taxpayers that are not being met.”

Section 109 of the ruling indicates that the health board must justify its expenditures to city council. “I agree,” Price writes, “that the Board must be transparent in providing the necessary information to the municipalities to enable them to assess the reasonableness of the expenses and, if necessary, to challenge the Board’s decision in the courts.”

Section 85 confirms that the minister is obligated to appoint an assessor when necessary public health services are not being provided, or when questions arise over whether the health unit is delivering services in compliance with legislation.

“Obviously we are going to follow up with the province and once again request that an assessor be appointed, so that we can sit down with an assessor and address these issues with the province at the table,” the mayor said.

Farbridge said recent legislative changes make it impossible for a municipality to extract itself from public health, as the city moved to do. She said “the legislation is flawed because it provides an untenable governance structure,” and the city will work to try to correct that with the province.

Those same legislative changes shifted decision-maker powers from local municipalities to the board of public health, and the municipality is “required to pay regardless of whether it has a significant financial impact on the city,” she explained.

“Obviously we would have preferred that the ruling indicated that they could not put debt on our books,” she added. “I think that would have allowed us to move forward in a much better way for our community.”

But she added that Price’s ruling upholds the municipality’s right to legally challenge the expenditure of the board. “Council is going to have to consider whether they want to pursue that or not,” she said.

“It’s a ridiculous governance model that a duly elected council has to go to court to challenge an expense of another board,” she added.

“That highlights some of the absurdity of the process and governance structure we are under.”


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Wednesday Oct 12th - 2011

Your Worship and Members of Council,

Solid Waste Resources will be launching a new Bike Reuse Program on Oct 18th at the Waste Resource Innovation Center in celebration of Waste Reduction Week in Canada.

Waste Reduction Week is intended to raise public consciousness about waste and its environmental and social ramifications. The theme this year, “Too Good To Waste” is about conveying an appreciation for the importance of working toward ecological sustainability by conserving resources and curbing wasteful practices. In support of the goal to reduce waste through provision of access to relevant opportunities and options, Solid Waste Resources will be launching a new program for residents that will divert bikes of all different shapes, sizes, and conditions from the landfill. Many bikes are brought to the Waste Resource Innovation Centre simply in need of a new home. This program ensures usable products don’t go to “waste”. Residents are encouraged to donate any unwanted, usable bikes to this worthwhile program. Bicycles are available to residents year round free of charge!

The Bike Reuse Program is located at the Waste Resource Innovation Center, next to the Household Hazardous Waste Depot at 110 Dunlop Drive, Gate 2 and will be open:
Tuesday – Friday:             9 a.m. – 5 p.m.  
Saturday:                             8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.    
Closed Sundays, Mondays and Holidays.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns about this program.

Heather Connell | Manager, Integrated Services
Solid Waste Resources | Planning, Engineering and Environmental Services
City of Guelph

T 519-822-1260 x 2082 | F 519-767-1660
E heather.connell@guelph.ca

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Wednesday Oct 12th - 2011

Dear Mayor Farbridge and Councilors:
I am writing on behalf of the Mayfield Park Community Association to bring you up to date on the developments during the facilitated meetings, to keep you aware of our position in relation to the proposal and inform you of our serious efforts of community involvement in relation to the above referenced matter.
Representatives of the Mayfield Park Community Association attended three facilitated meetings at the request of the City.  At the first meeting we canvassed in detail all of the reasons that the proposed development was not acceptable to us. (As originally presented to Mayor and Council at the public meeting held in January of 2011)   
At the second meeting the developer provided an alternate "without prejudice proposal", which would have required almost all of the same amendments to the Official Plan and variations to the bylaws.  It did not change the fact that there is no reasonable buffer, inadequate setbacks, inadequate parking facilities for the number of residents, density of residents far in excess of accepted standards for high density zoning, a parking garage that will loom over the backyards of the properties on Evergreen. Issues like pedestrian safety and vehicular access were not addressed at all.   
We reiterated our opposition to the proposal and had some productive discussions with the City Planners.  The developers promised to re-attend with another without prejudice proposal.
On August 4, 2011 we attended the third facilitated meeting at City hall. As anticipated, the developer provided a second without prejudice proposal, which reduced the occupancy to 75% of the original proposal. Keeping in mind that the original proposal would house over 1600 residents this was not a substantial reduction in any meaningful way, as there would still be over 1200 residents in the complex.
The proposal provided for some limited increase in the set backs and decreased the height of the two buildings to 10 stores. They provided an alternate proposal that was for one building of 10 storeys and the other 12 with more of a gradual step down in storeys. Both proposals would still require an amendment to the Official Plan (General residential to High Density Residential) and additional variances in significant ways from the by-laws relating to even high-density residential zoning. There would also be over 1200 bedrooms.
In the circumstances we advised the developer that these new proposals are not acceptable to our community: we emphasized that our community is united in our opposition to a project of this scale and density. IN RESPONSE, the developer indicated that they could not reduce their proposal further.  I should mention that we had a meeting of our larger community who unanimously rejected a development of the scale, location and density proposed by the developer at the third facilitated meeting.
On a more positive note, during the course of the third meeting we had another opportunity to have discussions with the City Planners and the University representatives that we feel were informative and productive.
We also advised everyone at the meeting that we would be retaining an urban planning expert on behalf of our group and this was well received.
We have retained Beate Bowron and  Gary Davidson to act as experts on our behalf.  Our planners have had the opportunity to meet on two occasions with City Staff since the last facilitated meeting. Valerie Romenello and I attended the second meeting as well on behalf of MPCA. We understand that the City Planners are working on the types of zoning standards that might apply to purpose built student housing.   
It has always been our goal to work with the City so that a responsible approach is taken to intensification with respect to the growth of our city.  We want to see a vision for and a development on this site that is in keeping with acceptable planning standards and which provides for an adequate transition between the long established neighbourhood of single family residences in our neighborhood.
The Developers have not withdrawn their original proposal which requests changes to the Official plan and variances to the by-laws that far exceed the standards established for our City. We understand that the Developers have been meeting with the planners to urge them to finalize their recommendations.  
We have let the City planners know that we and our planning experts together with the City Planning staff are prepared to attend in Waterloo to see the other development built by Abode.  
I have attended there on a previous occasion to view the exterior of the building. We have been advised by the developer that it houses less than 500 students and I note that it is a 17 storey building. It is located in a high-density area with other high-rises in the immediate vicinity.  The upper level of the parking lot in that development is not at ground level.  It is a concrete structure, which appears to be at least 6 feet above ground level with a parking level underneath.
We are hoping to participate in a day long design exercise for the site in the context of the Intensification Corridor on Gordon Street with the City Planners and other interested parties in the very near future. We await confirmation of proposed dates from the City Planners.
If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me as a representative of our group.
Kate MacDonald
President, Mayfield Park Community Association

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Wednesday Oct 12th - 2011

Court rules on Board of Health matter
Judge finds that issues should have been addressed by Provincially-appointed assessor
GUELPH, ON, October 12, 2011 – Justice Price of the Superior Court of Justice has found that the City of Guelph's issues with the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Board of Health should have been addressed by an assessor appointed by Ontario's Minister of Health and Long-Term Care.
Justice Price noted that changes to provincial legislation in 1997 and 2001 removed the right of any of the three municipalities to withdraw from the Health Unit, stating in his decision, “I find that the City does not possess the power either to withdraw unilaterally from the Board or to veto the Board’s decisions, even when they have the effect of imposing significant financial obligations on the City.”
In his decision, Justice Price states that the Health Protection and Promotion Act, which governs public health in the province, provides an assessment process and requires the Minister to appoint an assessor. Mayor Farbridge requested the Minister to appoint an assessor on April 26, 2011, and the Minister responded on May 16, 2011, declining to appoint one. However, as Justice Price’s ruling notes, the Act provides that it is an assessor, and not the Minister, who must decide whether the complaint warrants investigation and, if it does, who must conduct an investigation and report to the Minister.
“The City’s position has not changed: we need a Provincially-appointed assessor to investigate the issues we have identified. In light of this court decision, we will repeat our request to the Government of Ontario,” said Mayor Karen Farbridge.
In his decision, Justice Price comments on the current governance structure for public health, saying, “The shift from decision-making by directly elected representatives on city councils to boards made up of their delegates, especially, as in the present case, where the delegates of two municipalities can out-number those of another, has the potential of diminishing the public’s engagement in self-government and undermining the quality of public decision-making.” He goes on to note that “the guidelines which the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care have issued for boards of health to follow wisely provide for consultation and collaboration as a means of preventing the disempowerment of municipal councils and local agencies in relation to the decisions affecting their constituents. The effectiveness of this safeguard depends on the quality of ministerial supervision and the remedy of judicial review.”
Justice Price stated that the Board must be transparent in providing the necessary information to the municipalities to enable them to assess the reasonableness of the expenses and, if necessary, to challenge the Board’s decision in the courts.
Mayor Farbridge noted, “While we did not get the decision we were hoping for, Justice Price clearly acknowledged the overarching governance issues in his decision. The City has always maintained that the governance model is flawed and needs to change. With the support of this decision, we will pursue assistance from the Ministry.”
- 30 -
Ann Pappert
Chief Administrative Officer
City of Guelph
T 519-837-5602  
E ann.pappert@guelph.ca

Donna Jaques
General Manager of Legal Services/ City Solicitor
City of Guelph
T 519-822-1260 x 2288 |
E donna.jaques@guelph.ca

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Tuesday Oct 11th - 2011

Message sent on behalf of Shawn Armstrong, General Manager of Emergency Services:

Construction on Delhi Street at Paul Avenue resulted in a gas line being broken by a high hoe at 11:27 a.m. Normally a small precautionary evacuation is done. Due to the fact that Union Gas could not locate the shut-off and the leak continued fire and police established a full evacuation of the affected area.  The initial evacuation zone of 500m was expanded to 800m due to wind conditions.  Initial evacuation was approximately 75 houses but with expansion took in more houses and some apartments – including two old age apartments.  This involved a 2.5 inch gas line which is emitting a significant amount of gas.
Guelph Police, Emergency Services - Guelph Fire and Guelph Wellington EMS responded.  Corporate Communications was engaged to assist with messaging.
Gas line was capped at 1:45pm.  City crews worked to return people safely back into their homes.   Health Unit was consulted  to address any community health concerns and precautionary information was distributed.
Approximately 260 were evacuated for less than 3 hours. Information pamphlets went out with a summary of the event and additional information for the residents in the area should concerns arise.  Fire Communications are monitoring the phones for any concerns from residents and continue to do so at this time.
Emergency Services was advised that no loss of services resulted to any residents, during or after the event.  
Thanks to all of the staff that worked to safely conclude this event.
Shawn Armstrong,
General Manager,
Emergency Services,
City of Guelph.

Harry Dunning | Manager of Administration & Emerg. Preparedness
T 519-822 -1260 x 2127 |
E harry.dunning@guelph.ca

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Sunday Oct 2nd - 2011

September 30th, 2011:

This email was sent to councillors after an interview with a local journalist who had questions regarding the noise issues as of late along with upcoming by-law review being presented to council this month. Here it is:


Please note that a journalist called asking for clarification regarding the noise statistics attended by Bylaw staff during homecoming weekend and inquired about the noise Bylaw in general.

•    She was advised of the process in which residents may voice noise concerns (i.e. contact Guelph Police Service and Police staff will determine appropriate staff to attend the call).  She was also provided the definition of noise and the various restrictions under the Bylaw.

•    She inquired as to the status of the Noise Bylaw review.  

I indicated that public consultation has occurred and the report is anticipated to be brought before Council in October.  She asked if yelling concerns and the set fines for noise violations would form part of the review.  I indicated that these items will be included in the report, she asked if she could get a copy of the report, I indicated that the present time the report has not been released to the public, but would be available to the public prior to the October OT Committee meeting.

•    She asked why there was  high number of calls in September 2011 compared to 2010 in which Bylaw staff simply advised the residences of the noise bylaw.  

I indicated that although some noise concerns such as yelling or loud voices is not a violation before 11pm, Bylaw staff will still attend to try and resolve the issue voluntarily, the stats provided indicate the number of times Bylaw staff did this in September.  She asked for the number of calls attended by Bylaw staff on Homecoming 2011 and 2010 before and after 11pm.  

According to our records, on Homecoming Saturday in 2010 Bylaw staff attended 10 calls before 11pm and 41 calls after 11pm, in 2011 staff attended 23 calls before 11pm and 28 calls after 11pm.  I did advise that these were just some of the noise calls received by the Guelph Police Service and that the Guelph Police may be able to assist with the total number of calls.  

•    She asked the number of residents visited by myself (or Bylaw staff) and the Manager of Off-Campus living and if there were any repeat violations after these visits occurred.

I advised approximately 25 residences were visited in the last week and half and that we spoke to the residences in length the consequences of continuing violations from both the City’s and the University’s perspective.  I advised to the best of my knowledge, as the calls are dispatched by Police, there were no repeat violations.

•    She was already aware that there will be a meeting for Bylaw, Police and University staff to debrief on the events and our actions during Homecoming.

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christine.billings@guelph.ca | 519-826-0567

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