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Thursday Jan 20th - 2011

January 20th, 2011 - 12:45pm

The other day, just after the first big winter storm, I noticed the island between Paisley Rd. and Ryde Rd. had been plowed by the sidewalk plower. The problem is, there's no sidewalk there. So although it was nice, it continually eats up the grass and kills the trees lined along that island. M.S, a resident in Ward 4 also mentioned this to me and infact many along that stretch mentioned it to me as I was campaigning door to door. It was a reminder for me to let staff know about this situation. Either we maintain the integrity of the island and allow the trees to grow. Or, we re-plant the trees back into the island a bit further and install a sidewalk along there so it joins up nicely with either end of the island on Paisley Rd. These are just my thoughts.

Thank you,


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Wednesday Jan 19th - 2011

I have posted this (See Below) in my "Accountability Section" of my website as well, but becasue it effects WARD 4, i thought you should know about what I've done regarding this issue.




Updated: January 19th, 9:58am

WOW! Staff really are awesome in our city! I just recieved the following two emails from city staff. Here they are:


January 19th, 2011 - 9:50am

Living in the ward you represent I beleive does have it's advantages. For the last 2 days I have driven on my way to work over the Imperial Rd North rail tracks and I never knew my 1995 Toyota Previa could "catch-air"?

All joking aside, I've asked staff to come and look at this issue and to post signs of "bump ahead" or "bump here" by this area so you don't get caught with the bump like I have. It's probably due to frost and the stress on the road.





We will have it looked at and have signage placed as soon as we can.

Bump ahead and bump signs for both directions.

If you can just give us a little bit of time to get the signs up that would be appreciated.


Good morning Councillor Guthrie;

That particular set of tracks gave us issue last winter and appears to be doing so again. I believe the road is heaving there more than normal there due to frost penetration, relative to the track elevation. The levels return to normal in spring. A bump sign, possible complimented by a reduction in speed will calm the issue for the winter and is my recommendation.

I will have staff install two well positioned bump signs....one in each direction as well as bump ahead signs along with a speed reduction to 20km/hr over the tracks.

Thank you.



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Monday Jan 17th - 2011

Please be advised Horticulture staff of the Operations & Transit Department will be scheduling pruning and invasive weed species removal activity in Whitelaw Gardens Park

This notice is intended to provide (14) business days advanced notification of the planned work and is consistent with staff’s commitment to Council. Please note, this notice is not intended to confirm a start date for the activity, as demands of the operation can alter our work schedule. 

Trimming activity will include limb removals to address issues such as poor sight lines, overhead clearances, safety issues, improving a tree’s structure and aesthetics, as well as the removal of invasive woody species, as warranted. 

Should a tree require removal, a replacement tree will be scheduled as part of our annual spring tree planting program wherever possible. 



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Saturday Jan 15th - 2011

The following info was sent to me about communications in Guelph coming from City Hall. Thought you might be interested in this. Here it is:

TOPIC: City rolls out public communications plan
DATE: January 11, 2011
MEDIA: Guelph Mercury
PAGE: City rolls out public communications plan


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Saturday Jan 15th - 2011

Good day folks! Please drive safely today okay!

Due to the snow fall, I thought I'd update you on the snow removal. I recieved this email today from City Staff. Here it is:

Winter control update;

We are currently experiencing the effects of an “Alberta Clipper”.  These storms are quick moving and usually leave behind from 6 to 10 cm of snow accumulation.  This particular system is expected to complete its visit with us by approx noon today.  Flurries off and on will likely follow without additional accumulation.  This snow accumulation in addition to the 6 cm we already have on our residential streets has surpassed the threshold requiring a full plow out to take place.  That residential road plowout operation will begin early this afternoon  

The current status of our activities is as follows;  


Roads crews are working on the main arterials and collector roads.  A contractor assisted plowout of the residential roads will begin at 1:00pm today.  The residential plowout is expected to take anywhere from  8 to 12 hours to complete.  Roads crews will follow behind the residential plowing operation to apply traction materials to all areas requiring treatment.  This operation will continue around the clock.  The Snow Angels Program has been triggered by this plowout action.  Volunteers will be providing driveway windrow removal for qualified residents as the residential road plowing work progresses.  


Sidewalk crews will begin plowing the high pedestrian traffic arterial, collector and bus routes at noon today.  Residential sidewalk plowing will follow.  The sidewalk plowing operation will continue around the clock until completed.  Clearing and sanding of all pedestrian cross walks and PXO's will follow beginning tomorrow morning.  
Bus stops will be cleared simultaneously with the sidewalk clearing operation.  All city owned steps are currently being cleared and treated with materials and will be cleared again as required when/if additional accumulation is realized.
Anticipated completion time of the entire operation will be late Sunday.   


All city owned facility parking lots, access roads and entrance ways are being worked on as facilities operate today.  Cleanup is ongoing.  Crews will re-attend early tomorrow for final cleanup morning before facilities open for the day.
Additional service will be provided as conditions warrant.

We do not expect any further accumulation following the end of this storm, however, updates will be provided if current information changes.

As always, your patience and co-operation is very much appreciated.


I then found this email. So here's another one:

Most of you are familiar with my “winter control updates” but for the new Councillors, here is the scoop……I usually provide an activity update to Council and Senior Management in order for you to be informed and up to date on our activities.  This will facilitate your ability to better answer questions you receive from your constituents. 

I am attaching a link to the Minimum Maintenance Standards and a copy of our Schedule A (sidewalk winter control) which we use as a guide to perform our winter, (and summer) maintenance services.  
In looking at the standards, I’m sure some of you may have questions.  If so, I would be happy to answer any questions or provide clarity as needed.  You may contact me at any time.


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