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Friday Dec 9th - 2011



The Above link will take you to a draft report that has been sent out to all media outlets within Guelph by an employee that resigned late last night. Along with his letter of resignation, he forwarded this draft copy of an operational review.


First, as your councillor, I was not in reciept of this, nor did I know I was to be expecting this report. I'm gald that this type of review was being done. Judging by the content within the report, the residents of this city should be glad as well.


This is a bombshell and it needs to be public. I have been saying most of what is contained in this document for many years. Other's have also been saying these things for a long time.


There is change that is desperatley needed and I'm glad that I'm at the city during this time so I can help as best I can, to steer this organization back onto it's right course.


Enjoy the read.


Cam Guthrie

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