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Thursday Jan 20th - 2011

January 20th, 2011 - 12:45pm

The other day, just after the first big winter storm, I noticed the island between Paisley Rd. and Ryde Rd. had been plowed by the sidewalk plower. The problem is, there's no sidewalk there. So although it was nice, it continually eats up the grass and kills the trees lined along that island. M.S, a resident in Ward 4 also mentioned this to me and infact many along that stretch mentioned it to me as I was campaigning door to door. It was a reminder for me to let staff know about this situation. Either we maintain the integrity of the island and allow the trees to grow. Or, we re-plant the trees back into the island a bit further and install a sidewalk along there so it joins up nicely with either end of the island on Paisley Rd. These are just my thoughts.

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